General Guarantees and Returns
All products are valid for the warranty period, which is:

For private persons - 1-2 years warranty period; Many manufacturers provide the ability to extend for one year (3 years warranty) by individual registration of equipment on the manufacturer's website.

For companies - only the warranty period specified by the manufacturer is provided.

The warranty covers technical malfunctions during the entire warranty period.

The warranty period is suspended for the period during which the buyer cannot use the goods due to the fault that is eliminated under warranty.

This warranty does not exclude and does not limit the buyer's right to use other remedies in accordance with the law or contract.

The seller must answer an application for damage within 14 days to provide high-quality work and details.

Diagnostic and repair time depends on the type of technology and the nature of faults. It usually does not exceed 14 calendar days. The actual repair time is consistent while taking equipment for warranty repairs.

Technique for warranty repairs must be delivered to the store "Rumba Centrs" at Valnu street 10D, Daugavpils, Latvia LV-5401.

Warranty is invalid in case of loss of account.

The warranty does not apply to defects caused by changes in the voltage of the power grid, due to the impact of lightning, fire, flooding and other force majeure.

It is possible to exchange a product or refund if the technical fault cannot be eliminated under warranty due to the lack of spare parts.

The buyer has the right to abandon the sale contract and obtain the amount paid for the goods in case the product was not transferred to the buyer. The return period of the amount paid is not more than 30 days after the failure notice.

If, after completion of the repair work, the owner is not a technique / device of more than 2 (two) months after the owner's warning on the agreed method of communication, thereby refuses this technique or the device in favor of the seller, and the seller has the right to dispose of technology or the owner's device, including selling it to cover the costs resulting from repair and storage.

Warranty is invalid if
The goods were not intended;

The goods have mechanical damage;

During the work of the technique, there was interruption of voltage in the power grid, which caused damage to this technique;

In the switches or other electrical parts penetrated the liquid.

The goods were transported in improperly, resulting in damage. In this case, the buyer takes over all responsibility due to the spill of the goods.

Purchase returns
The buyer has the right if necessary to exchange goods purchased via the Internet, to an equal or return it within 14 days from the date of purchase.

The goods must be returned to the package, pre-warn us about it by phone +371 26 67 00 27. Please indicate the name and price, just name the cause of the return. The buyer pays for the transport costs.

Return of money occurs at the first opportunity, but no later than 14 days from the date of returning the goods. Money will return to the same score from which payment took place.

Returned goods must be clean, in the package, without damage and complete. Contact us so that we will help find the best solution to the problem.

The seller is not responsible:
For the goods damaged by the buyer.

For the use of goods is not intended.

For damage caused during transportation.

In case of non-compliance with the instructions for use, incorrect care of technique or overload.

When improper installation and use or non-compliance with safety, when connecting to the network.

If the product has been repaired by a non-competent person or service center.

For reasons independent of the seller (accidents, thunderstorm, fire, zipper, jumps of electric voltage, closure, increased humidity, etc.)

For mechanical damage.

Natural wear and tear.

Seller's rights and obligations
The seller may terminate the sale agreement if the goods have not been paid in a timely manner.

If for any reason the ordered goods will not be in the store, the seller can replace him with an equivalent product with the consent of the buyer.

Rumba Centrs SIA is not responsible for the late delivery of the ordered goods due to the fault of the transport company and also for reasons independent of it.

Real warranty conditions are designed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Latvia. All misunderstandings must be resolved in accordance with the interests of the client, by talking to find the best solution.