Cross country ski rental and service

Cross country ski rental and service

Cross-country ski rental in Daugavpils

We offer cross-country ski rental for the all family
For one day and more
Renting includes full equipment (skis, bindings, boots and poles).
For pricing and availability, call +37120555591, +37129644492.

Cross-Country Ski service

Ski preservation (Waxing )
Waxing the ski (Waxing off the wax)
Waxing of skis (BW, BWG, BP BWLF) 
Wax removal 
Waxing basic holding ointment (under the iron) 

Application of working waxes and bonding ointments

Waxing with CH wax (1 coat) without fluorine 
Waxing with LF wax (1 coat) Low-fluorine 
Waxing with HF wax (1 coat) Highly fluorinated 
Waxing of hard wax  
Wax application of liquid wax 

Dismantling / assembling

Drilling holes for fasteners (on a drilling template) 
Installation of NIS fasteners 
Installation of fixings with screws 
Mounting on skisets 
Adjusting the poles to your height